‘The Hangover’: Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) & his Maurice Lacroix watch


The Hangover is an American comedy movie released in 2009. Directed by Todd Philips (The Hangover Trilogy, War Dogs), it is about a group of friends consisting of Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate Doug’s upcoming wedding. However, things go terribly wrong when Doug goes missing and the others have to find him before his wedding can take place.


Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper) is the cool guy among his friends, he is charismatic and has a great sense of humor. Stephanie Wenneck is his wife and together they have two kids. Phil is a teacher and at the beginning of the movie you see him collecting money from his students for a field trip he then uses to pay for his own trip to Las Vegas with the boys. Nonetheless, he is generally a good person and seems fun to hang out with. Phil’s clothing style is top-notch when it comes to a man in his forties living in Los Angeles, CA. He mostly combines dress shirts with dark jeans and wears his Ray-Ban RB 3025 sunglasses with custom pink/orange lenses. The shades are definitely cool, but let’s take a look at his wristwatch.



It’s really hard to make out what particular model Phil is wearing in the movie, since there aren’t many close-ups. But luckily there’s an article on IT Online News about how Bradley Cooper has said in an interview he wore a Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques. Therefore it is safe to assume we’re talking about the reference LC1117-SS001130 with 38mm in diameter. The relatively small size along with its silver dial on a black leather strap make it a nice little dress watch that is quite expensive for a quartz watch, but fits Phil’s dress shirts and stays under the radar when he is teaching at school.


The things the guys have to go throw during their crazy night in Las Vegas really is unlike anything you’d ever expect to actually happen to anybody. Phil gets tasered in the groin, hit in the back and clawed on the back by a tiger. If he had known what’s going to happen in Las Vegas, he should’ve definitely taken with him a different watch or no watch at all. A dress watch is perfect for going out with your friends to have a couple of drinks, but in this case it’s not robust enough to not get scratched during the night out and it would’ve been more appropriate if Phil had worn something like the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue on a NATO strap. The Heritage Chronograph is built like a tank and its orange numerals would’ve matched his Aviator sunglasses.


You can find more information about the latest generation Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Date on Maurice Lacroix‘s Official Website and go to Chrono24 to find out if Phil’s older model is currently for sale.

Visit Wikipedia for more information about The Hangover and check out the Official Trailer on YouTube.

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