‘Drive’: Ryan Gosling’s character & his Patek Philippe watch


Drive is an American neo-noir crime thriller movie that came out in 2011. Directed by Nicolas Winsing Refn, it stars Ryan Gosling as an unnamed stunt performer who also takes on the role as a getaway driver at night. Trying to get away from his criminal past, he falls in love with his new neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan) and begins to take care of her son, whose father Standard Gabriel (Oscar Isaac) is in jail.



The unnamed leading character has a few part-time jobs such as working as a mechanic and stunt performer in Hollywood. At night, he helps criminals escape from the crime scene by driving the getaway car, as long as they manage to get back from their robberies within a five-minute window.

He lives in a small apartment right next to Irene where he is mostly alone and doesn’t own much. Still, all of his personal belongings are well-chosen and so it’s no surprise he’s got his own unique clothing style. Besides wearing a denim jacket, white t-shirt and brown leather driving gloves, his most popular costume consists of tight jeans and a satin bomber jacket with a scorpion logo on the back, which can be seen in the above poster.

Gosling’s character doesn’t talk much, but always acts calmly and seems to have everything under control at any time. His body language expresses strength and his overall persona exudes confidence. It’s fair to say he is one of the coolest movie characters of all time.



In the book the movie is based on, it says that he has only got one watch he received from his father and it is one of the most beautiful things he possesses. Therefore, Will Blount, the movie’s prop master wanted him to wear something truly memorable and iconic. Since Patek Philippe is definitely the right watch when it comes to taking care of your timepiece your entire life before passing it on to your children, one can understand why Gosling’s character wears one.

Sadly, they didn’t use a real Patek when shooting the movie, because they’re just too expensive and could break during the process. So the Driver’s watch isn’t part of Patek’s actual collection and you won’t be able to acquire one. Non the less, it is nicely designed and well-proportioned. It’s quite small and complements the driver’s personality by remaining understated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any complications other than a sub-dial with a seconds hand. In the film, it is very important for the Driver to keep track of the five-minute window the criminals get to return to his car. So clearly, a Chronograph function would have been useful for him to stop the time interval accurately.



Normally, car drivers and stunt performers wear large sports watches, since they’re built like a tank and can resist all kinds of external forces like pressure developed during an explosion or sudden shocks. As stated above, a heavy watch wouldn’t match the Driver’s personality, but there’s plenty of sports watches with a Chronograph function that can last for more than a lifetime and appear subtle at the same time. Something like the new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 116500LN comes to mind. Of course it would’ve been impossible for the Driver’s father to time-travel to 2016 and pick up this year’s Daytona only to go back and pass it on to his son, but its white dial and black cerachrom bezel would’ve fit the Driver’s white bomber jacket and dark jeans. Luckily, there have been quite similar timepieces in the last century already, so maybe a Paul Newman Daytona reference 6263 with a Panda dial would’ve been the better choice for him. It is less shiny than the latest generation and its vintage touch is as cool as the Driver himself.


Visit Patek Philippe’s Official Website for more information on the manufactory.

Visit Wikipedia for more information about Drive and check out the Official Trailer on YouTube.

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